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Our beloved endeavor into breeding Labradoodles began as a wish to preserve lineage of a fantastic sporting and family dog, Tule, our female Black Labrador Retriever that we enjoyed for 14 years.


Tule's first and only litter gave us Hannah Bee (Hannie), a very intelligent, athletic and loving Black Lab.   Hannie's intelligence is off the charts, one of the most intelligent dogs we have ever known or seen. 

We knew of a Standard Poodle that was the utmost in conformation, temperament, and calmness.  The time came to extend Hannie's lineage and Standard Poodle was the choice.  Gemma was the pup that has really started our Labradoodle program.  Gemma, like mom and grandmom, is a fine combination of intelligence, athleticism and beauty.  Her striking strawberry blonde coat color has been passed on to her litters almost exclusively.   And folks who have adopted Gemma's pups are in love.  See our testimonials page.




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