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Tule 14 year old Black Labrador Retriever



Tule was a daughter of Island Acres Quincy, a Master Hunter in the Hall of Fame, from Portland, Oregon. Tule's mother was Gracie, a chocolate lab from Vancouver, WA.


We were looking for a hunting/family dog. Saw an ad in the Oregonian for lab pups. We went to

see the pups. They looked great. The mom, Gracie, was a chocolate with very nice features. We

asked if we could see the father. We went to Sauvie Island near Portland, Oregon, to see Quincy. The owner of Quincy met us in the parking area of his training facility. He said he would go get Quincy. Out from behind the building comes this muscular, majestic black lab. Describing Quincy as stunning was an understatement. That night, our new puppy Tule, was riding home with us.


Tule turned out to be a fine field dog who loved to hunt. She loved being in her crate when she

wasn't hunting or hanging with us. This taught us that dogs like crates. Tule did some interesting

things. Once while in the field, she was active in a ditch beside a flooded rice field. I see a racoon

run out into the water. I call Tule back to me. She came back with a baby racoon in her mouth

alive and well. I told her to drop and she did and the critter went back towards the mother.

Another time our two pet ducks (Larry and Chester) got out of their pen. She retrieved them, one

then the other alive and well; not a feather out of place.


Tule lived to be 14.  Tule is remembered as a fun, intelligent family member that was always happy and eager to impress. She always did. Everybody who met Tule liked her and she liked every dog or human she met. We will always remember and miss our Tule.




As great as Tule was we realized that when her day would come she would be gone from us forever . . . . . . . a thought that was hard for us to imagine. So we decided that a pup from Tule would be a wonderful thing.....It was.


Hannie was one in a litter of nine. Hannie's father is a yellow lab Master Hunter out of Colusa, CA


Hannie is a spectacular animal.


We could go on and on about Hannie. Of all the labs, shepherds and dogs we have had, Hannie is the only one to figure out the Coggins Kennel hasp on the gate. She opens it with a flick of her snout. She was pound for pound one of the strongest, fittest, most intelligent dogs we have ever seen.  


One odd thing about Hannie is we never heard her bark. And just as Tule was before her,

Hannie was an excellent mother.


Hannie Labrador Retriever
F1 Labradoodle Litter
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