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Stud Dogs

Woody AKC Standard Poodle

Woody is a handsome AKC Registered Chocolate Standard Poodle weighing about 55 lbs.  He passes that calm, even temperament along to his offspring.  He also passes his natural recall along to his offspring, making training easy and enduring.  

Standard Poodles are natural hunters and were used in Europe as hunting dogs, especially duck hunting thanks to their swimming ability.  Woody's background includes upland bird and waterfowl hunting poodles.  He has also produced service dogs, shed hunters and truffle hunters. 

He lives with us on our ranch near Portland, Oregon.  He makes beautiful pups.

We stud Woody out on a limited basis.  Contact us for more information.

Junior "Jun" F1B Labradoodle (about 75% Lab and 25% Standard Poodle)

Jun is a 70 lb. F1B Labradoodle, with the "B" designating bred back to a Labrador Retriever.  So Jun is ~ 75% Labrador Retriever and ~ 25% Standard Poodle.
Jun is perfect for 'doodles that are almost all Standard Poodle.  His predominant Lab lineage (75% Labrador Retriever) brings back Lab attributes into those Poodle-dominant 'doodles.
Just watching Jun chase the ball could be a spectator sport.  His athleticism is impressive to say the least.  He has a great temperament.  Jun's father, BoHenry, a 90 lb. Black Labrador Retriever with a very sweet temperament.  Jun's mother is Gemma, an F1 from our original doodle stock.  Gemma has intelligence, beauty and great temperament.  Bohenry is a hunter/retriever and Gemma's grandfather, Island Acres Quincy, is in the Retriever Hall of Fame.
Jun is available for stud on a limited basis.

Mr. Mustache "Stash" F1B.BLabradoodle

Mr. Mustache will be available for Stud Service sometime in 2018.  He is an F1B.B labradoodle with some unique markings.  He is a great pup and should be a great stud.  For more information about Stash email or give us a call.  

Stash will be available for stud on a limited basis.

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