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F1 Labradoodle Therapy Dog
F1B Labradoodle Therapy Dog

From Bucky's Parents


God Bless You! Just thought in sharing
some photos with you guys of how much Bucky has grown with Roy, they're BEST BUDDIES ever! Just want to reiterate our gratefulness to you guys for allowing us to get Bucky.


Thank you so so much he's part of our little family!


Thank you guys so much!


From Mabel's Parents


Mabel is great.  We were just talking about how fast she's grown and how quickly the time has gone since we got her last summer. We feel so lucky to have her in our family.


She's so funny and has such a wonderful personality. She's literally doing somersaults on the couch next to me right now.


As her adult hair grew in she developed a salt and pepper patch down her back­ we wonder if her sister(s) have the same thing?


More from Mabel's parents:


What a nice surprise to hear from you! Mabel is fantastic! We moved last summer to a house with a yard and great dog park one block away.


Last May we welcomed another addition to our family, our



Mabel is very protective and wonderfully patient with him.


We're a full house now with dog, cat, and baby!



From Cody's Parents


Cody is the greatest puppy ever. He's

such a joy. He's lovable, fun, and energetic. He's very very sweet. The boys adore him ­ they give him hugs and call it "Fluff Therapy".


The boys also play a lot with him and take care of him. Cody even sleeps in the room they share (they share a room now because they want to be with Cody).


We've gone through puppy training ­ two classes ­ and Cody is very eager to please. He's been very easy to train. He has the run of the house now (and has since Xmas).


He gets 2 walks a day and enjoys going to

the dog park multiple times a week. We also play with him in the backyard. He likes keep away more than fetching. <grin>


Thank you for giving us such joy in our lives, we're very very happy and Cody is too.


Australian Labradoodle

From Cooper's Parents


Cooper is doing great, and is an absolute sweetheart. We're just coming up on one year old now as you know, so

thought it an appropriate time to let you know how he is and thank you again for him.


My wife had never had a big dog before

this, and Cooper has really won her over from being a 'little dogs only' person.


He is high energy; runs like a greyhound when playing fetch, and requires daily exercise which is good for me as well.



Labradoodle at the beach
F1B Labradoodle Therapy Dog

From Lenny's Parents


Lenny is doing really really well. He is such a good brother!


We welcomed our new daughter on December 23rd so he has adjusted well to brotherhood. He is still his curious self.


Labradoodle soul mate

From Puppet's Parents


Puppet is simply the greatest dog I could ever imagine. So kind, so smart, and such a playful creature.


Her best buddy is still a 140 pound Rottweiler that she bosses around. I swear she can run 35 miles an hour and not bat an eye!


She is even gentle with the guinea pigs!


From Bentley's Parents

Hi Craig and Greta!

Bentley is everything we hope our puppy would be and more. He has become such a part of our family the last few months! We recently had some engagement photos taken and we included Bentley in our shots and I just wanted to share with you to see how amazing and loving your puppies are! We love him so much!!

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