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F1 Labradoodle



Gemma's mom is Hannie. Her father is Einstein, a cream Purebred Standard Poodle out of

Washington State.


Gemma is a very good example of an F1 Labradoodle. We feel that she is

right near 50/50 Lab/Poodle. If anything she might have just a bit more
Poodle in her than Lab. She is a strawberry blonde color and all of her pups

have been blonde, cream or platinum in color.


Gemma is quite the canine athlete. Faster and more agile than the Labs in

her heritage, she is usually queen of the dog park. Picking up that

intelligence from her mom Hannie, Gemma brings us the retractable

lead in her mouth and gives it to us when she wants to go out. We did not

teach her this. She taught us this.


It is very rewarding to hear all the great testimonials we get from the folks

who have adopted one of Gemma's pups. Every time someone sends us

an email describing some great thing our pups have done, we are quick to
recognize that trait as one that Tule or Hannie had.

F1 Labradoodle with Pups


Betty is a sibling to Gemma.  Betty is a F1 Labradoodle from the same litter as Gemma. But, Betty is more Labby than Gemma. So we estimate that Betty is probably 55% Lab and 45% Poodle.


As we have mentioned elsewhere in this site, many of our new home adoption candidates have asked for the more wavy coats instead of the tighter, fleecier coats. Betty's pups will have those nice wavy coats.

Betty F1 Labradoodle


Pearly is an F1B Labradoodle with a wavy strawberry blonde coat. We feel that she is

right near 70/30 Poodle/Lab.  

Pearly is quite the canine athlete. Lightning fast and more agile than the Labs in

her heritage, she is an athletic marvel.

Pearly F1B Labradoodle
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