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Patti Ann & Blue's Labradoodle Pups are here!

This is a repeat breeding of Patti Ann and Blue.  We believe these pups will be very special because of the mother, our purebred standard poodle, Patti Ann.  Patti Ann has a great combination of temperament and intelligence.  Just like her 9 year old mother, Claire.  Patti is one to join into the fun with other dogs but she is happiest when with her humans.  Amazing eye contact, recall and obedience.  One of her favorite hobbies is being on chipmunk patrol.  

Blue, the father to this litter, is a majestic F1B Labradoodle.  He has sired some outstanding Labradoodle pups.  He passes on a calm demeanor and temperament to his pups.  He is a fast learner, loves to please, and is very athletic.  Watching Blue chase the tennis ball could be a spectator sport.

We are taking deposits now.  If interested in more information, fill out the free, no obligation application for adoption on this site.

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Patti Ann
Patti Ann
Patti Ann
Blue (father)
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