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About Us

F1B Labradoodle Pearly

As a labradoodle breeder in Portland, Oregon, we started in 1998 with great stock.

He had been looking for just the right mix of dog.....both sporting and family dog. Based in Portland, Oregon, we decided to look in the Oregonian paper for hunting labs. Craig’s ears perked when he saw an ad for Labs with a father who was in the Master Hunter Retriever Hall of Fame, which is rare.


We went to see the pups and found a beautiful female mother named Grace with 8 puppies.


The father of the litter's name was Quincy, a Master Hunter and in the prestigious “Hall of Fame”. We decided to “do our homework” on the Quincy, went over to Sauvie Island, a hunting area in Portland, Oregon, to see him.  The trainer there, Doug Shade, brought Quincy out.  Both of our mouths dropped.  Here is this muscular, stunning black lab.  We'd never seen a lab that looked so athletic and majestic.  Within a split second of seeing Quincy we knew that we were going right back to pick a pup out of the litter.  We took one look at our beautiful Tule and knew that she was “the one”.


We bred Tule to a Master Hunter Yellow Lab “Kid” and kept one of the girls, Hannie. Hannie had a litter that included Gemma.  (see heritage pages for more info)


We live on our 20 acre ranch near Portland, OR, with all of our canine “kids”.

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