Diamond & Blue's Pups are here!    Christmas Puppies!

We are extremely excited about this breeding because the parents are such great canine citizens.


These pups will go to their forever homes just before Christmas! 


Diamond is a fun loving pup that loves to be with human friends.  She is an F1B with a mix of ~75% Standard Poodle and ~25% Lab.  And Blue (Dad) is a fun loving, athletic and very intelligent multi-gen labradoodle.


These pups are F1B.B, which means they will be ~80% Standard Poodle, and ~20% Labrador Retriever which will give the pups a super hypoallergenic, low to non-shedding coat.  

Diamond's mother is Gemma, who has a unique and very cool personality.  Gemma brings us the leash when she wants to go out.  We did not teach her this, she taught this to us.   Diamond has Gemma's intelligence and sense of humor.  She loves hanging with humans and doing whatever the you are doing.  Very athletic, yet gentle and calm indoors.

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