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Nellie & Choco's Standard Poodle Litter is coming! 


This litter is a re-breeding of Nellie and Choco.  We believe these pups to be very special because of the mother, our purebred standard poodle, Nellie, and grandmother, Claire.  Nellie has a great combination of temperament and intelligence.  She is one to join into the fun with other dogs but she is happiest when with her humans.  Amazing eye contact, recall and obedience.  

Choco, the father to this litter, is a majestic chocolate Standard Poodle.  He has sired some outstanding Standard Poodles and Labradoodles.  He passes on a calm demeanor and temperament to his pups.  He is a fast learner, loves to please, and is very athletic.

Our Standard Poodle pups come with a natural tail, we do not dock the tail.​  Our temperament program does not include a human lopping off a puppy's tail at a few days old. 

We are taking deposits on this litter.  They will go to forever homes the middle of June.

(Click on images from previous litter to see full size)

Nellie (mother)
Choco (father)
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