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Terms and adoption fee

We have been a small breeder for about 15 years.  We have been dealing with people for over 50 years.

Our terms are based upon our experience as breeders, dealing with people that we have not met, and offering pups to qualified homes on a fair and equitable basis.

The basic adoption fee for one of our pups is $1,500.  

A few pups are priced higher or lower for various reasons relative to training, gender, coloration, coat, etc.  But the vast majority of our pups are adopted to qualified homes for the basic $1,500 fee.  

We are often asked why our adoption fee is so low.  Pretty simple.  We feel there are some great homes out there that cannot afford $3,000 for a pup.  And while there is a ton of work involved in raising puppies correctly, we feel that $1,500 is a fair number and has worked well, not only for us, but also for the great new families that our pups become part of.


Our selection process is sort of old school.  We allow people to come and pick a pup out of the litter, the way we did as kids.  While many breeders do not operate like this, we feel that new parents want to see the pups with their litter and pick out their new family member.


First visits for prospective new parents occur when the pups reach 4-5 weeks of age.  They will have developed coat type and some personality characteristics.  It is a fun time.  The second visit is at (or after) 8 weeks, when new parents come and pick up their pup.  While we encourage the visits, they are not required.  Qualified new parents can have us pick out a pup for them and have delivery arranged.  We have done this many times and it works out fine.

Our puppy selection process is fair and equitable.  To be considered, prospective new parents must fill out our online adoption application.  Once qualified, the new parents place a non-refundable deposit* of $500 for their new puppy.  They will be put onto a selection list based upon their choice of gender .  Pick order on the selection list is based upon our receipt of the deposit.  So if new parents are the first to submit a deposit for a litter and they want a boy, they are "first pick, boy" an so on.  Same for the girls. 

When the pups reach ~ 4-5 weeks of age, based upon their selection position, we begin to have new parents come and pick out their pup. We send pictures, and update the website so new parents can follow their pup up until pickup day.


Then, at 8 weeks of age, it is puppy pick up day!  Very happy day for both new parents and pups!   

 The balance of the total adoption price is due on or before pick up day.

*  If there is not a pup in the litter that satisfies your gender selection when it is time to pick, the deposit becomes refundable or you can have us apply it to a future litter.  As an example, if someone is "second pick, girl", and only one girl is born into the litter, then the refundable deposit/transfer to next litter comes into play.  It becomes the choice of the new parents how they would like to proceed.


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