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Claire & Junior's Litter is here! 


This litter is a first breediing of Claire and Junior.  We believe these pups to be very special because of the mother, our purebred white standard poodle, Claire.  We have seen few dogs with a combination of temperament and intelligence that is equal to Claire.  Many of those who know her say she is "perfect".  We agree, knowing that many times we are about to correct or warn her about something, she "knows" before we say anything and looks at us with the "I knew that" look.  She has perfect conformation according to some in show circles, but her temperament is what we feel is her best quality by far.

When we set out to find a father for Claire's pups we looked for one quality.  Temperament.  We found that in Junior.  Just watching "Jun" chase the ball could be a spectator sport.  His athleticism is impressive to say the least.  Jun has a great temperament, just like his father, BoHenry, a 90 lb. Black Labrador Retriever with a very sweet temperament.  Jun's mother is Gemma, an F1 from our original doodle stock.  Gemma has intelligence, beauty and great temperament.  Bohenry is a hunter/retriever and Gemma's grandfather, Island Acres Quincy, is in the Retriever Hall of Fame.

Standard Poodle with undocked tail
Woody Standard Poodle Stud
Claire Standard Poodle
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