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 Pearly's Pups are here!

Pearly's litter will be ready to go around mid April.  Selection process usually starts around 5-6 weeks.  Right now we are taking deposits and the waiting list is filling up. 

Pearly (mom) is an F1B Labradoodle with a wavy strawberry blonde coat. We feel that she is right near 70/30 Poodle/Lab.  Pearly's pups are sought after F1B.B!  This is the perfect mix of hypoallergenic features in Labradoodles.  This litter will have the hypoallergenic coat with ~ 20% Lab in their heritage.  It is the Lab in them that makes them fun, with amazing character and almost a sense of humor.  Check out our testimonials. 

Pearly is quite the canine athlete. Lightning fast and more agile than the Labs in

her heritage, she is an athletic marvel.

Choco is the father to this litter.  He is a handsome AKC Registered Chocolate Standard Poodle weighing about 55 lbs.  He passes that calm, even temperament along to his offspring.  He also passes his natural recall along to his offspring, making training easy and enduring.  

Standard Poodles are natural hunters and were used in Europe as hunting dogs, especially duck hunting thanks to their swimming ability.  Choco's background includes upland bird and waterfowl hunting poodles.  He has also produced service dogs, shed hunters and truffle hunters. 

He lives with us on our ranch near Portland, Oregon.  He makes beautiful pups.

These pups will be about 50 lbs when full grown.  Please visit our testimonials page(s) to know what type of pup you can expect as your new family member.  See testimonials here.

The waiting list is filling up so if a pup is in your future fill out the adoption form on this page.

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