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Marco is Gentle and Handsome

Our beautiful Marco is such a fabulous boy! He's one of the most striking dogs visually we've ever

had, and even now people are drawn to him because of it. His coat remains pretty much golden although

from time to time it seems like he shows a little cast of red, and if you're looking for it you can see dusting of

black here and there, mostly around his head and muzzle. Proportionally he's almost ideal, you couldn't

design a more beautiful boy.

His temperament is so sweet. He's laid back and loving, although sometimes that puppy enthusiasm leeks through and he

goes on a romp. Our vets office suggested that with his disposition he could train to be a companion or

assistance dog, but we don't want to give him up, so we haven't considered it.

He's bonded very well with our other two dogs, in particular the mini schnauzer, who's a real

handfull and doesn't know she only weighs 8 lbs. They play together and it's incredible to see what a gentle

giant Marco is with this (annoying) little pest. He likes her so much he took to carrying her around by her

collar, so we had to remove it.

He's smart as a whip and eager to please, so training is mostly a matter of repitition and

consistancy. We've had some digging issues but that's mostly boredom and we're working through it. He discovered

our peach trees recently and we're having a problem with him bring us peaches. He can just reach up and

pluck them off the trees. Same with tomatoes, but we're working on it.

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