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Mabel is Growing Fast

Mabel is great, she's almost 60lbs now! Kyo and I were just talking about how fast she's grown and

how quickly the time has gone since we got her last summer.

We feel so lucky to have her in our family. She's so funny and has such a wonderful personality. She's literally doing somersaults on the couch next to me right now. As her adult hair grew in she developed a salt and pepper patch down her back­ we

wonder if her sister(s) have the same thing?

If you're still planning on having a year­old get together this summer we would love to bring her to romp around with her brothers and sisters! Either way, now that the weather is nice again hopefully we can meet at the dog park out your way. I've heard it's a nice one and Mabel won't ever pass up the opportunity to chase her ball!


More from Mabel's parents:

Hi Greta and Craig!

What a nice surprise to hear from you! Mabel is fantastic! We moved last summer to a house with

a yard and great dog park one block away. Last May we welcomed another addition to our family, our

son Egan!

Mabel is very protective and wonderfully patient with him. We're a full house now with dog, cat,

and baby!

We are hoping to make it to the coast this summer­ we'll make sure to stop by the store and say


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