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I'm glad you contacted us, I've been meaning to send you an update. Cody is the greatest puppy

ever. He's such a joy. He's lovable, fun, and energetic. He's very very sweet. The boys adore him ­ they give

him hugs and call it "Fluff Therapy".

The boys also play a lot with him and take care of him. Cody even

sleeps in the room they share (they share a room now because they want to be with Cody).

We've gone through puppy training ­ two classes ­ and Cody is very eager to please. He's been

very easy to train. He has the run of the house now (and has since Xmas). He gets 2 walks a day and enjoys

going to the dog park multiple times a week. We also play with him in the backyard. He likes keep away

more that fetching. <grin>

I'll pass the word around the puppies.

Thank you for giving us such joy in our lives, we're very very happy and Cody is too.


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