Sammy Love to Walk

I told you we walk her everyday. So probably a lot of her weight is muscle. She gets about 5 miles

a day of walking. Sure good for us.

She is just the funniest thing to have around. Her vocabulary is amazing and I've started

spelling things like car, treat etc. and she looks at me like I know what you are saying.

She also talks to us. Because we are retired and pretty much have a set routine, she has us all figured out.

She has been such a joy, we love her like we would a child. Sweet personality, tail is always going.

Okay, guess I have gone on long enough!! Thanks for letting us see how Junior turned out. I think

Sammy's legs are longer than all of the siblings except the one that looks a lot like Sammy in the pictures

you sent.

Please keep in touch. It's nice having someone who understands our love for our puppy!!! I'm sure

some of our retired friends think we are nuts! By the way did I tell you that we taught Sammy to ring a bell

when she wanted to go outside. Our daughter did that with their goldendoodle and we did it too. It didn't take

her any time at all to figure out what that bell was for. :­)

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